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23mm air pressure  gauge  (manometer) with 1/8 Bsp thread £10 



Air arms S200


Airtech Quick fill with pressure gauge to fit the Air arms S200  £85

Airtech titanium air cylinder to fit the Air arms S200 £100

Airtech Regulator for the Air arms S200 £85 DIY fit.

Airtech Regulator fitted £160

full tuning packages from £210 



Bsa Ultra Se and MMC and Scorpion services and upgrades


Stage 1 tune 

fit a vented regulator and set the rifle up to 12ft this tune uses  the original hammer system £190


Stage 2

Fit a longer air cylinder of your chosen length.

fit a vented regulator. re crown the barrel and work on the barrel throat and port.

work on the bolt and breech making it smoother.

work on the trigger unit giving it a better feel. replace the complete hammer system and fit a anti bounce adjustable silent tipped hammer

replace the standard Bsa hammer spring and adjuster.

the cost of this work is £250 please note the carbon shroud is not included in the £250  cost if a carbon shroud is required we do a discount on the shroud making the total stage 2 package including the carbon shroud is £290



Bsa Ultra se and scorpion se  up rated regulator  DIY fit £87


                                                      Titanium and steel cylinders 


Bsa Ultra/Scorpion/Air arms S200 replacement steel and titanium air cylinders we can manufacture custom lenghts if the size your after is not listed.     Steel + weight              Titanium + weight

170mm  240g =£57                           £90    

200mm          =£57                           £130 150g

225mm  230g =£57                           £130 175g

250mm  370g =£57                           £130 195g

280mm 415g  =£57                           £130

290mm 435g  =£57                           £130 225g

300mm 440g  =£57                           £130230g

325mm 480g  =£57                           £150 250g

350mm  545g =£57                           £150 285g

365mm 555g  =£60                           £150 288g 

390mm          =£60                           £150 305g

400mm 605g  =£60                           £150 310g

415mm          =£60                           £170 325g

425mm 640g  =£60                           £170 340g


                                                                Brocock Titanium cylinders


  Brocock  compatto  titanium cylinder   320 mm long  £ 120 


                                                               Daystate Regal Titanium cylinder 


Daystate regal titanium cylinders   £145  these cylinders can be made longer if required 


Bsa R10 services and upgrades


Bsa R10 completer service. this includes regulator service and re set the rifles power. £75

Bsa R10 replacement  standard regulator £65

 stage 1 R10 tune £190

 stage 2 tune £260

carbon fiber shrouds and silencers are available for the R10 in the shroud section

Fac power conversions POA. 

Bsa R10 MK1 MK2 and SE complete replacement regulator block fitted with the 18mm uprated adjustable vented  regulator

this block is a DIY upgrade. the block has been fully serviced with all new seals  this is a service exchange unit £130 ideal for people who do not want to strip there regulator out of there original block to replace it with a aftermarked one. this unit will take no longer than 3 mins to fit to your rifle. please state  your barrel length and cal of rifle so the regulator can be pre set. Please note you will need to make adjustments to the hammer spring tension to make sure you are within the 12ft  uk legal power limit.




Bsa S10 services and upgrades 

custon work undertaken. .20 cal conversions  barrel shortning. re blacking.  cal changes. .177 to .20 .22 .25 etc.

Full service with all seals replaced in the standard bsa regulator and the rifle set back to 12ft. £95

bsa regulator re seal and  re set  £75

bsa regulator serviced exchhange £85

vented airtech regulator for the S10  outright £200

vented airtech regulator exchange  £180

vented airtech regulator with quick fill and pressure gauge £250

Carbon fiber back venting shroud silencer. this includes the machining of the alluminium spacer £140

carbon fiber back venting shroud silencer on its own £120




Bsa R10. Ultra. and scorpion. Carbon fibre back venting shroud / silencers available in matt or gloss finish


27mm Diameter  £90

28mm Diameter £90

30mm Diameter £95

32mm Diameter £95

stepped 25/35 or 38mm £120


Barrel Work


This service is for people who would like to fit a 1/2" UNF silencer or muzzel brake to there non-threaded barrel or would like there barrel shortening.


Threading and re- crowning of the barrel - £25

Barrel shortening - £ POA

Barrel polishing and chemical blacked - from £75






FX Wildcat carbon back venting shroud silencer this is avalable in 30/35 and 30/38mm 


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