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  • costa constantinou (Saturday, November 14 20 02:46 pm GMT)

    Had a new silencer made for my Hw100 by Carl. Impressed 😊 now once this virus has gone I'd like to have Carl tune my rifle. Love my silencer. Thanks Carl,

  • Kevin Hughes (Friday, June 26 20 07:30 pm BST)

    Thanks Carl, your work has transformed my R10, It is now extremely accurate and smooth, I would highly recommend your work and knowledge.

  • paul povey (Monday, November 18 19 05:03 pm GMT)

    had my goldstar stage2 tuned new bolt and carbon shroud done by carl. what can i say speechless.this guy really does no his stuff i highly recomend anyone thinking of any work to be carried out on there gun to go to carl. he,s the best perriod thanks carl

  • Roger (Sunday, September 22 19 06:36 pm BST)

    Thanks carl so sorting my air arms in hours knows his stuff totally amazed at what he does highly recommend!!

  • James (Friday, June 28 19 02:35 am BST)

    Many thanks Carl for sorting out my ultra, particularly when others said it couldn't be done!
    Really appreciate your patience with all my questions and it was a privilege to spend time with you in the workshop.
    You're an absolute genius and wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone and everyone!

  • Gary Nicholson (Thursday, June 27 19 08:17 pm BST)

    Sent my brocock bantam sniper to have a carbon fiber shroud fitted the gun was back in one week shoots fantastic and looks even better first class company to deal with many thank's again Gary

  • Steve (Monday, June 24 19 06:02 pm BST)

    Carl has just finished a stage 2 on my BSA R10 TH limited edition Viper. I had a new silencer and shroud put on and it is fantastic. The gun looks mean, fires like it should. Carl you are the air rifle guru! Thanks.

  • Steve (Saturday, June 22 19 09:38 am BST)

    What a top bloke! Carl is extremely knowledgeable, what he knows about all components, how the rifle handles, fires and works is incredible. All parts made on site to your spec. Very good value, if you don't use his services then your never going to get the best out of your rifle. Thanks Carl!

  • richard whitwam (Thursday, April 25 19 06:00 pm BST)

    Took my BSA scorpion se .22 to Carl for stage 2 tune I watched him do the job from start to finish with his unique hammer system,regulator and longer air cylinder and now the gun is quieter,smoother trigger and bolt action and consistant power would highly recommend,well worth the trip

  • Phil Morris (Wednesday, September 12 18 08:55 am BST)

    I took my ultra to CARL for a stage 2 tune,I have to admit I’m so immensely impressed by the work done,I watched Carl do the work from start to finish and everything was done to a meticulous standard ,it really is a dream to shoot .for those of you out there thinking of having work done by air tech do it ! You most definitely won’t be disappointed.

  • Russell (Thursday, August 16 18 01:08 pm BST)

    I have had a stage 2 tune on my R10 Mk 2 and it is money well spent. The rifle is quieter, the action is smoother and there is a real improvement in consistency. Pellet advice and demo much appreciated - thanks AirTech.

  • john derek nicholas (Friday, June 01 18 07:37 pm BST)

    had my r10 se fac fitted with a 400cc buddy bottle yesterday great work carl many thanx john

  • John Griffiths (Wednesday, May 30 18 07:32 pm BST)

    I asked Carl to complete a Stage 2 Tune on my Scorpion SE (in .177). He carried out the work, explaining what he was doing and correcting any existing issues as required. The action is now smoother and the gun quieter and more consistent. He even advised on pellet choice. I would definitely use his services again.

  • Tom (Sunday, April 08 18 02:10 pm BST)

    Having seen Carl's work before, I was happy to drive 250 miles to see him service and tune my FAC BSA R10. With me as an audience, pestering with questions, he stripped the rifle and found lots of original issues. He recrowned the barrel, dressed and polished moving parts and fitted his own design and manufactured regulator. The best part was his tuned hammer system which eliminates bounce. Overall, my rifle is better than the factory could make it and shoots like a dream. Uses less air and makes less noise, I will hang on to this gun for many years to come.

    Carl is a very intelligent and talented man. His designs and work are the result of decades of experimentation and airgunning. Working in partnership with his wife, his prices are exceptional value for money so I recommend anyone book a day off work and see him in person. Thanks again Carl - Tom

  • Frank Munro (Monday, March 26 18 06:48 pm BST)

    I had a custom shroud made, a new regulator fitted and a replacement stock for my BSA Super Ten. I have used it now for a couple of weeks and it is extremely accurate and very quiet. I am very pleased with the work done and the performance of the rifle and would recommend Carl to anyone.

    Many thank frank

  • Richard Magnay (Friday, February 16 18 08:38 pm GMT)

    Many thanks for the new regulator and quick-fill that you made BSA Superten. The action is now fitted in the reworked stock and is with great results, it is now giving shot on shot time after time after having zeroed today, with Defiant 5.52 14 gr and AA Hunter 16 gr - very impressive
    Many thanks for all the time you spent working on the old Mk 1 BSA.
    Highly recommended

  • Mike (Wednesday, January 31 18 10:20 pm GMT)

    Had my TX200 re-blued. Very happy with the work Carl did. I'll certainly use him again for any other work I need doing.

  • Karl (Saturday, January 06 18 06:26 pm GMT)

    I loved the feel and performance of my s10 so when it was running inconstant and down on power I contacted Carl who was really helpful.
    I took my s10 to him to have a new vented reg fitted and set up in my s10. He also sorted out the damage brass on the reg from where the previous owner had messed up along with other bodge jobs that it had had in the past.
    I stayed while the work was being done and left a little more educated and satisfied that work that had been done.
    Anyway took it to the range today to try it out and all I can say is wow Carl is a magician the gun out performed any rifle there. I am amazed how a new reg designed and fitted by Car could change the performance of a rifle.
    Thank you Carl I’m one satisfied customer.

  • Dave Scholefield (Wednesday, July 19 17 01:39 pm BST)

    Took my BSA ultra se to carl for a new regulator, bigger capacity cylinder and also a carbon shroud. On top of that he then made me a new bolt and fitted it. The change in the rifle is unbelievable, I have spent two days with carl at his workshop watching him do the work and learning a great deal from him.

    His quality of work is very high indeed , the time he takes and attention to detail is second to none.

    If you are considering having work done to your gun I would highly recommend Carl , you certainly wont be disappointed.

  • lloyd nicholson (Sunday, July 02 17 02:22 pm BST)

    really pleased with stage 2 tune and shroud on BSA ultra se .177. by carl,lovely man knowledgeable could talk with him for hours

  • Dave Scholefield (Friday, June 30 17 02:44 pm BST)

    Where to start , I came across carl online , looking for some answers to a problem with my BSA se ultra.
    I have never met such an unassuming guy as Carl. He spent a long time chatting to me on the phone explaining what he felt I needed for my rifle.
    I ended up going to his workshop and pretty much spent the day with him watching him work and listening to what he was doing and explaining to me in lamens terms why he was doing it.
    I had a stage 2 tune , including one of carls regulators a new larger cylinder and a carbon fibre shroud. All hand made by Carl himself.
    When I left I knew so much more and also understood a great deal more about guns. My rifle was a totally different gun when I left his workshop. If you are looking to get any work done to your rifle, then this is the guy for you. His standard and quality of work is second to none.
    I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone .

  • Stephen Abrey (Monday, May 15 17 10:41 pm BST)

    did my bsa ultra, cant fault it quiet accurate, its like a completely different gun. thanks Carl

  • John Howard (Thursday, February 09 17 06:36 pm GMT)

    Just cannot recommend Carl highly enough, what he does not know about the workings of an air gun does not need knowing. Superb workmanship and tries his utmost to sort out any problems or modifications you need resolving. Top guy to boot.

  • Neal Crokks (Saturday, September 24 16 11:49 am BST)

    had my 177 scorpion se tuned by Carl, totally different animal now . it's nearly silent thanks to the shroud silencer when shooting at 20 yrds you can just about hear it at 35 yrds its silent ! can't
    remember the list of internal stuff he did but it was out with the crap and in with Carl's better items ! you get a report telling you what it's power is and with what pellets this was achieved also
    get a lifetime guarantee and that goes with the rifle ! but why would you want to sell a rifle that is now a million times better than when it left the factory ?

  • Paul Restarick (Thursday, July 07 16 05:19 pm BST)

    Sent my Scorpion SE off to Carl for a load of work including shroud, regulator and larger cylinder. The gun was good before but now its just a beast. It's super quiet, super accurate and I'm getting
    well of usable shots out of a single fill. If you want some fine tuning on a gun done Carl is your man.

  • Lee hunter (Monday, June 06 16 09:30 am BST)

    Excellent service from Carl (Airtech) my r10 has come back a completely different rifle, it is now a super accurate rig after Carl's work. I can't recommend him enough, this R10 is now a keeper.

  • keith taylor (Tuesday, May 17 16 05:33 pm BST)

    Two good guns ,made great , by Carl Garbett, thanks pal stirling job on em both,
    I know you don't like the RM8 but I do ,and it shoots great and with your time,patience and skill it is an awesome tool .
    As for the Ultra ...well !!! what can i say ?? a totally different gun than the one i picked up from the shop lol.
    I finally got the balls to attempt to add a bipod to the Rm8 lol as you can see mission acomplished.
    am saving mi pennies hard ,hope to buy one of your own in the future mate ,wouldn't hesitate to recomend you.

  • Philip Clegg (Monday, April 25 16 08:02 pm BST)

    I contacted AirTech, purely by chance as well as contacting a couple of other companies about the possibility and options available for work on my early model, single shot BSA ultra mmc. It was
    evidently clear with his first email reply that Car knew what he was talking about! So I left the others to the side and decided that Carl at AirTech was definitely the man for the job! After a
    couple of days from my initial contact, Carl had my rifle in his hands. I turned up to deliver it and ended up having a tour and a chat whilst he explained/showed and demonstrated everything
    imaginable, afterwards, I felt a bit guilty about 'dragging' him away from his work! I was very impressed that he took the time to do this though and found it interesting.
    I had, in my mind, decided what I wanted to do to the rifle and upon dropping it off to the workshop and chatting with Carl, he talked me through the potential problems and the solutions for ALL of
    them, which there were many. Now, he could have sold me the dearer options that I had talked about, however, even though I had mentioned that the money wasn't an issue, he worked with me and
    suggested a slightly cheaper way of doing what I wanted that would enable me to get the results I wanted with the scope for adding to my 'tuning' at a later date if I still desired.
    Within a few days, it was ready for me to collect (he could've/would've posted it to me, I just wanted to collect ?) so I went back down to his workshop. When I got there, the rifle was already built
    up and ready for me to take away. However, we got chatting and as I'm awkward, I decided to put a gauge in it. Carl was very obliging at doing this and I could only apologise for being so
    awkward....it wasn't as easy of a job as first thought, the air cylinder needed work on it so that the gauge would fit, so it was stripped down there and then and then Carl spent a good 40 minutes to
    an hour milling, re threading and polishing, to then put it all back together. There was a small amount of brass showing from the gauge, I would have probably been happy with it as it was barely
    visible but Carl was definitely not so the cylinder needed boring and threading. Carl then showed me it all set up, firing at a target and gave me some excellent advice on the pellets I was using and
    the pellets we were using to set it up. I came away very happy and a lot more knowledgable about my rifle!
    In short, Carl at AirTech is one of those quiet unassuming blokes who is extremely skilled, knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, it is humbling that his standard of workmanship is a kin
    to the high end traditional British engineers of yesteryear that have all but disappeared. You couldn't ask for better service from an outstanding engineer. I will be contacting Carl again for
    another project.

  • Delboy (Saturday, April 23 16 01:47 pm BST)

    Just got my R10 back and it's firing amazing. Put it over the chronograph and 9fps spread over a 30 shot string. The Matt carbon shroud makes it look the business and it's whisper quiet. Can't
    recommend Carl and Airtech high enough and great value for the price. Thanks Carl I will be sending my next purchase to you for the same treatment.

  • Andrew Kelleher (Friday, April 08 16 04:37 pm BST)

    I sent my Daystate Huntsman Regal to Carl for a regulator and to look at a clipping issue, when the rifle came back it was out of this world, he cut back the shroud, threaded and bushed the barrel,
    and now the silencer fits direct to the barrel (No danger of clipping). The regulator fitted does an astounding job, it's really, really consistent. If you have a Regal, send it to Carl of AirTech,
    you will not regret it.

  • Peter M. (Monday, March 07 16 11:15 pm GMT)

    Carl is one extraordinary engineer.

    I could have had my BSA Ultra Se .177 reworked by a number of tuners. I decided after a bit of online research to go with "Carl"- AirTech. I made the right decision!

    Carls work is in the tradition of the finest of British engineering. He is a craftsman of the highest level. Rest assurred, that when your rifle is returned, it will be at a level otherwise unthought

    Highly recommended ... top geezer !!

  • michael clewes (Saturday, March 05 16 10:57 am GMT)

    fantastic fast delivery of air tub for ultra also carl was very helpful and spot on with advice for another job I was doing

  • Dexter (Thursday, February 25 16 04:30 pm GMT)

    I have recently received my BSA S10 in .22 from Carl. I had a full service and shroud. The shroud is super quiet and the gun now shoots unreal! It easily out performs my S200 and Skan bullpup and
    keeps up with my Daystate regal and that's .177!!!

  • Delboy (Friday, February 19 16 05:53 pm GMT)

    Sent my scorpion SE to Carl virtually straight from the shop, it was good but the work Carl has done has made it phenomenal. He sorted the internals out and added a shroud. It is whisper quiet and I
    can barely hear the hammer hitting the pellet probe, the 365mm cylinders has increased the shot count to over 100 usable shots in .177. Very impressed by the work and the time he took to show me
    round his workshop and explain what was involved. I was that impressed I've left my R10 for the same treatment. Excellent service and a true gentlemen, a real asset to the PCP world. Wouldn't
    hesitate to recommend the work and Carl to anyone. Thanks Carl

  • Dean jones es (Thursday, January 28 16 10:45 am GMT)

    Took my bsa r10 mk 2 to carl at airtech for a tune and a carbon shroud and was very pleased with the high standard of work and knowledge I would highly recommend him to anyone else that wants work
    done to there rifle as you won't be disappointed

  • mark easton (Sunday, January 17 16 11:31 pm GMT)

    I have recently had my walther rm8 back off carl I know there not the best guns In the worjd I had my barrel shortened he did a right job and it was very under powered but carls sorted it its as
    quiet as owt nar awesome different gun

  • simon toolan (Saturday, January 16 16 03:52 pm GMT)

    took my bsa goldstar to carl firstly for a vented shroud, then decided on a tune as well, and considering he had never worked on a goldstar before and it is different in design to other bsa's he has
    made a superb job and it is shooting like a dream, many thanks.

  • Gordon (M5AFX ) (Sunday, December 20 15 03:56 pm GMT)

    Carl done a BSA ultra SE for me,Its now the best rifle i have ,his work is superb and he guarantees all his work,
    Cant thank Carl enough.. from now on all my rifles will be AirTech tuned and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

  • Gordon (Thursday, November 26 15 05:07 am GMT)

    A few months ago i took my BSA Ultra SE to be tuned at AirTech,What a transformation ,
    its a completely different rifle,the shroud is superb,action has been short stroked and the whole rifle is now a joy to shoot ,
    Would not hesitate to take another rifle to AirTech to be tuned.

    Gordon (M5AFX)

  • les gaskell (Friday, July 24 15 05:54 pm BST)

    you have made my r10 into the gun it should have been if you designed because its now 1000% better as for your shroud thats just sooooo quiet the action smooth as silk i would recommend you every one
    lol i have , top marks carl

  • Jon (BiggaJ) (Thursday, July 09 15 12:24 pm BST)

    I spoke to most of the usual PCP tuners and after talking to Carl I was hooked. Very nice guy to talk to, deal with and true to his word my gun came back looking the same but feeling so

    To say it shoots so much better would be doing Carl's work an injustice but I'm not sure how else I can get over to others just how well it shoots now, not that it was bad before!!

    All Carl's work is Guaranteed for the life of the gun so there really is 'NO' risk involved and his prices are very competitive. All his work is undertaken by him alone and many parts are custom

    Thank you Carl for all your help and hard work.

  • Kevin Scott (Thursday, June 25 15 12:06 am BST)

    Right after having my r10 for around a year I decided to have it tuned and serviced by airtech (Carl) . Start to finish this was a top service I was explained everything that was done and updated
    throughout process and also one of his shrouds fitted whisper quiet now all can hear is the action.
    I tried the gun out first time Sunday and can't belive how much better it's like a totally different gun and quality of it all brilliant I am very happy and can't recommend airtech enough for anyone
    and prices are quality. Thanks again Carl very happy customer.

  • Luke jamieson (Wednesday, May 20 15 06:46 pm BST)

    Had my r10 done by Carl of airtech simply amazing it's now the best it's ever been grouping has improved shot count has improve sound has improved due to the custom airtech shroud ... I was gonna use
    other well known r10 tuners but so glad I didn't airtech will be my tuner of choice for my rifles from now on !!! So if your reading this debating whether to use airtech have no doubt this mans a
    genius with pcp's so have no worrys I would just like to state this also I have no affiliation with airtech other than being a very satisfied customer so once again thank you Carl I look forward to
    dealing with you in the future.

  • baxterbasics (Friday, May 08 15 12:08 am BST)

    Just a quick thankyou to Carl Garbet of Airtech rifles-Carl contacted me a while back offering advice on a rifle I had acquired which had several fairly major problems- the stock inletting was all
    wrong and the trigger was faulty, being the two main concerns. He advised me on the whole process of glass bedding the action into the stock, sending me photographs of the process. It was a job which
    was "out" of my comfort zone, so I asked Carl if he would be willing to undertake the work for me. I packaged up the rifle and sent it to him.
    The communication was excellent-Carl carried out a full assessment on both action and stock and then carried out the work. As he was due to meet up with friends in London, he suggested he could hand
    deliver the rifle to save the postage costs Central London to Farnham, for free-above and beyond the call of duty.
    The action now sits perfectly in the stock, the air cylinder is completely free-floated and the trigger is 100% improved

    The price? All this work and the rifle hand delivered for less than I thought it was going to cost for the bedding process alone

    Carl showed me four of his own rifles-target and hunting specific, which he had serviced for a client-considering these rifles were produced in the early 1990's, they must have been decades ahead of
    the competition-the action's were tight, the build quality beyond anything else I have seen and the finish as good as the day they were produced. The triggers felt like match grade-true fully
    adjustable two-stage with a predictable let-off. The cocking and firing cyle were smooth, with absoloutely no discernible vibration upon firing

    Hopefully, Carl will be building me a new action at some point, incorporating new changes to improve upon the old design-shorter stroke to make the lock time lightning fast.

    Carl-thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!!!

  • Paul Anderson (Monday, April 27 15 08:59 pm BST)

    I had Airtechs version of a blue print as well as a few other bits done to a MK2 R10. The end result is an R10 that gives 30 more shots over a charge than a standard one and with only a 3-4
    feet/second deviation over a 20 string which is more consistent than my Air Arms EV4 MK4 (hence while I recently sold it) I've just got a second R10 that Carl is going to do the same to. I already
    knew Carl having had work done by him in the past so I knew the quality of his work, but if your looking at getting some custom work done to your PCP try Airtech, I promise you won't be disapointed
    with the end result.

  • Ben (Friday, April 17 15 12:52 am BST)

    Carl has been a great help giving suggestion on where my sub 12ft/lbs Prestige Black Kat can be improved.

    He has a wealth of knowledge and while listening to what I have in mind for the gun he has also offered suggestion on how to make it better.

    I have no problems recommending Carl and AirTech to others.

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